Life is Private Features

All Life is Private members exclusively own their own data at all times and unlike, most other social networks, we never sell, leverage or use your data for any purpose other than providing you with access to our social network.

So lets take a look at what life is private has to offer;

Life is Private

A state of the art social network

Life is Private provides you with a state of the art social network where your privacy is fully protected, whilst delivering all of the features you could want.
The Life is Private social network uses the latest technology and is fully responsive working on all browser types and all device sizes, it is full reponsive for mobile devices, tablet devices and pc's, so we are here to serve no matter which device you prefer to use.
permission based network

 Permission based, social networking

Life is Private operate a permission based social network, this means that you choose who you connect with, if you wish to connect with someone simply accept their connection request, if you don't, simply reject their connection request its is that simple.
Being permission based, we are more than GDPR compliant as you are asking explicit concent just to connect with one another.
Life is Private profile

Create a complete member profile

Every member of Life is Private can create a dedicated profile inside our secure environment.

You can tailor your profile page to reflect your personality, you can change your cover image, your profile and your information at any time.

Life is Private do not own your information, you do, so you have full control over it at all times, your profile is your window to other members and is how members decide to connect with you.

Life is Private events

Create and manage events

Want to be the centre of whats happening? With Life is Private you can create your own events to tell people what is on in your area.
You can also join other peoples events, so if you wanted to arrange a Life is Private coffee morning to meet real people, then go ahead, or if you wanted to tell people about an event that is happening near you, this is also possible. As always on Life is Private, the choice is yours.
Life is Private groups

Create individual member groups

Create individual members groups, a kind of network within the network on specific topics.

Groups can have their own events, own images, own videos and group discussions. Groups are created, owned and managed by the members who create them.

Group discussions can be a great way to grow your connection, when used correctly they can be a very powerfull tool.

life is private search

Advanced member search

The advanced member search facility within Life is Private is one of the most powerfull systems on the market and allows users to search up to 20 different criteria to find a profile that matches what the member is looking for.
The advanced search facility runs from the questions that are asked during registration, this is why keeping your profile up to date is so important, it is how you get discovered.
Life is Private photos

Upload photos and images

Life is Private members can create photo albums and upload photos and images directly into your own albums.

The Life is Private social network can handle all image types and sizes and displays them within a number of areas around the network. Members can then use the images that they have uploaded to tailor the look and feel of the pages that they create on Life is Private.

life is private videos

Add videos and display them natively

The members of your Life is Private can link videos from over 9 major video content streaming services and that video content is displayed natively within the Life is Private social network.
This allows members to create their own video channels in places like youtube but then stream their content into their profile on the Life is Private social network as if that was where they added it to originally.
Life is Private Ads

Create your own classified adverts

Life is Private wanted to provide a dedicated area where our members could create Classified Ads to one another.

There is no commercial advertising getting in the way, just members who may have an item they wish to sell and other members who may be interested in buying the said item, it really is that simple.

We do not manage the sale we simply connect you with the interested buyer.

Life is Private music

Create & share music playlists

Life is private provides you with a facility to create your own playlists with your own music or music that you own.
Members of Life is Private can easily upload tracks to their playlist and listen to them whilst logged into the network, you can even scan the QR code to play your list from your mobile phone. This is not file sharing, you can not download or store tracks on any device, it is a personal playlist.
life is private singles

Find & connect with singles

We understand that Singles searching is not for everyone who uses Life is Private, however if this is of interest, you can become a singles member.

Singles member provides you with additional profile and search features to find and connect with other singles members within the Life is Private social network.

Don't worry, if you are not a singles member you will not be a part of the singles search feature or have singles profile sections.

Life is Private Offers

Access special member offers

Life is Private does not allow commercial companies or commercial advertising on our social network, we do however provide access to special offers.
Life is Private identify special offers that may be beneficial to the members of Life is Private and make these available to you inside the Offers Area. We do not share any information at any time with providers, all offers are provided directly off network so your data is never exposed, used or leveraged in any way.
Life is Private Support

Access full help and support

We understand that at first the Life is Private environment may be different to your usual social network.

Life is Private are committed to your enjoyment of our social platform and as such we provide a full support system with FAQ's area and the ability to ask one of our specialists a question directly, with a response posted in a private area that only you can see.

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